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Soccer UPDATED Jan 07, 2016 By Ed B
New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association jacks up certificate cost
NJYSA has raised the entry level certificate cost to $45.00 which is astonishing since entry level coaches are usually rec related and certainly all, if not most are just volunteer mom's and dad's, strictly in it for the kids, not money. For a non-profit that raked in around 2.5 million in 2014, it's just sad  click to discuss

Very interesting but can't say I'm surprised, last time I checked this guy Armen Simoniants was a NJYSA contractor, and also involved in youth coaching, great example to be setting.
Armen Simoniants link

Jan, 8th 2016, Enrique "Rick" Meana NJYSA is holding some kind of award event, at $50.00 a head, I'll give NJYSA one thing, they're pretty consistent, when it comes to money, and while you're handing out awards to those who could afford to come, how about giving a honorary award to all the NJ Soccer Mom's and Dad's, who paid to make all of it possible.
Soccer Posted Mar 30, 2015 By Ed B
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